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What kind of evidence is the most effective?

September 7, 2018

Traffic court justices have a broad authority to determine liability in NYC, meaning that even evidence one person considers a “slam dunk” may be found worthless at a hearing. (Some people have even joked that the judge may decide your guilt based on what they had for breakfast.)

That said, some types of evidence can definitely be more useful than others. Here are some recommendations from the NYC Department of Finance:

  • Photographs and videos that clearly show the vehicle’s location at the time you received a ticket. All evidence should be clear and support your claim. Photos, video, diagrams and maps should show the entire block from corner to corner including the street name and the building address on the summons. You should also show all signs on the block, even if they are hard to read.
  • Repair Bills that may prove that your vehicle was not at the location where you received the ticket.
  • Police Reports that may prove that your car was missing at the time you received the ticket.
  • Department of Motor Vehicles or Insurance Company Reports that may prove that your car was not at the location where you received the ticket.
  • Towing Bills that may prove that your car was not on the road when the ticket was issued.
  • If the ParkNYC app was used to pay for parking, you can provide your transaction information by printing your parking session information from the history screen in your ParkNYC account or visit
  • Witness Statements, bills and reports should be dated, clear and provide information to support your claim. We suggest you keep copies of everything that you send for your own records.

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