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What do I need to tell my lawyer to help them defend me in court?

September 7, 2018

When you hire a lawyer to help fight your traffic ticket on your behalf, you’re getting the benefit of their years of experience. Traffic law firms offering services through the WinIt app are experienced, vetted, and trusted to provide you with the best chance of winning your dispute.

In addition to knowing the details of various violation codes, and technicalities and strategies which strategy will be the best way to fight your specific case. This specialist knowledge means that they’ll be able to dispute the ticket with a greater chance of success than you would have doing it on your own, regardless of other details.

In general, there are five basic arguments which can be made against an NY traffic ticket. You can discuss your options with your attorney, but as long as they have all the pertinent details for the case, you can rest assured that they’ll make the best decision for your case based on their years of experience.

The three most common strategies for fighting a traffic ticket are sometimes described as:

Disputing the Officer’s Observations

One of the most common ways to fight a ticket is by arguing that the officer who issued the ticket was mistaken about some detail of the incident. This may be anything from an incorrect address to copying your license information inaccurately. Evidence for this type of argument can include timestamped photos or vehicle documentation.

Disputing the Legal Justification

In some cases, the court may reduce or dismiss a ticket if you can prove it was for a legally justified reason. Some examples of this are slowing down in the left lane to make a turn, or speeding in order to reach a hospital for a medical emergency.

Disputing a Mistake of Fact

Essentially, this means claiming that you made an honest mistake due to extenuating circumstances. While you can’t quite use this defense if you didn’t notice a sign, it might apply if a sign was knocked over or hidden by a branch. Again, timestamped photos are your best bet.

After you hire a lawyer through the WinIt app, you can submit any evidence or commentary you have for your dispute to, and it will be forwarded on to your attorneys. You can also email WinIt to request a callback from your lawyer to discuss your case.

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