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NYC Parking Tickets vs NYC Traffic Tickets

September 7, 2018

You should be aware that in New York, parking tickets and traffic tickets are completely separate processes. Here are some of the most important differences:

Parking Tickets

  • Fine Only
  • Assigned to the vehicle
  • Typically upheld or dismissed at dispute
  • Will not affect your insurance or credit
  • Fight with WinIt’s team of experts
  • License not at risk except for extreme cases
  • No consequences after you pay a ticket

Traffic Tickets

  • Fine + Points
  • Assigned to the driver
  • More likely to be partially reduced
  • May increase your insurance premiums
  • Hire a lawyer to manage your dispute
  • License may be suspended for one violation
  • Guilty verdict stays on your record

WinIt is New York City’s favorite app for managing, disputing, and winning parking and traffic tickets.

There’s also a third kind of ticket you can get, and that’s the kind that’s mailed to your house! Camera moving violations are issued by red-light cameras for violations typically involving speeding or ignoring the light. If you’ve been caught on camera, it’s typically not worth the time or effort of trying to fight it, and we recommend paying tickets for NYC camera moving violations at your earliest convenience.

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